The Cooperative for Education and Rehabilitation of Misfit Citizens of Aveiro (CERCIAV) started its operation on 16 November 1975 in Aveiro, resulting from the cooperation of parents and professionals, beeing the first response in the district of Aveiro to the person with intellectual disability and the third in the country, after Lisbon and Moita / Barreiro.

As with all other organizations CERCI’s counterparts, CERCIAV firstly focused on the School of Special Education, resulting in 30 students supported in the first year of activity.

At that time, the great and foremost concern was the realization of the right to education for these children.

Today, after all these years, the social responses and people who have been supported is over 500.

The major concern now is the organization of support for these people, regardless of their type and degree of disability or incapacity. They are citizens just like any of us, who live in communities just like ours and who reserve respect and recognition.

Citizenship and community service are therefore the key ideas that seek to convey, especially since 2005 when CERCIAV completed 30 years of existence.

CERCIAVĀ“s mission is to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities and ensure the protection of their individual rights in society.

More information on www.cerciav.pt

Obra do Frei Gil

Founded in 1942 by the Dominican friar Frei Gil Nunes Alferes, delivered in a testament to the Diocesan Ordinary of Coimbra and with the Shield Prelate the Bishop of Coimbra. This Private Institution of Social Solidarity has 70 years of existence. Education and social integration of children and young people at risk or deficiencies of various kinds are the main focuses of this organization.


Support and intervene in the most vulnerable families, promoting and building with them development opportunities in order to build future with hope.

By accepting and educating children and youth at risk, they also try to intervene in their families, in order to contribute to their overall development and their integration in society.


The needs of children and youth at risk are opportunities to do good and do it well.


An institution open to the community that focuses on Humanization, Quality and Innovation that provides social services to the most underprivileged families, contributing to build a more inclusive and fair society.

More information on www.obradofreigil.pt