We started the day at 6:20 am. It was still very dark but it was good because there was no traffic. The GPS previously said that the route would be 215 km but we easily found that it was not true. The big problem was that San Sebastian does not have national roads to link further south, so I had to ride 40 or 50 km more by the northern coast of Spain to reach Bilbao where we got the national road towards Burgos. During these 50 km along the coast I had the opportunity to experience fantastic landscapes with my own eyes! Fantastic, like the one below.

Oh, I forgot to mention that all weather forecasts pointed to a sunny day but we started the day (and the first few hours) with some rain. Until lunch was relatively quiet. After lunch there were still 160 km waiting for me. 15 minutes after starting pedaling, the most difficult slope of my life, was in front of me (so far!). It was a slope with 7 km in length and 14% inclination. At this point I went up to the clouds, in the literal sense – the mountain was so high that I passed through the clouds to get up there.

It was quite difficult, especially after having “caught” many ups and downs along the northern coast of Spain. After climbing I had the opportunity to go down many kilometers. The descent was so steeply that I had the opportunity to beat a personal speed record, now stands at 65.8 km/h. I could have been faster, but I preferred not to risk it because the wind was so strong that could have changed my path and cause a serious crash.

After leaving a very mountainous area, I went through a natural reserve and some beautiful landscapes like the one you can see in the photo.

Then I was fortunate to get into the N1 leading to Burgos. It was a 100 km long road. At this time, all factors were in my favor: the wind was pushing me, the road was very good, it was not so hot, the traffic was not too much, the road was descending a bit down and it felt well. All these factors combined allowed me to achieve a very satisfactory 90 km in less than three hours (average of 32 km/h).

We reached Burgos when it was already dark . There was no time for anything but a shower. The day approaching seemed to be quite demanding.

Best of the Day:

The national road 1 that allowed me to ride at full speed.

Worst of the day:

I made some 50 km more than I should have.

Distance traveled: 265 km

Total ascent: 2’200 meters

Time: 11:00 Hours

Average speed: 24 km/h