The last day abroad (out of Portugal) began at 7 am but not before eating a nice breakfast paid by Patrick. We left the city relatively well towards a national road. The first two hours went well but about 5 km from the point of meeting with Patrick, I had my first flat tire. It was the first of the trip and made me change the tire also. A small piece of glass had been embedded in the tire and this kept damaging the tire until it got to the tube. It took us some time to change all this because the tire was new and stubbornly refused to enter the ring. We damaged a new tube but then we changed it and everything went well.

I had to follow the path towards the N620. We went through many little towns and the heat was beginning to tighten. We entered the N620 at 12:10, then I smiled because I knew that was the only road that I had to follow to take me to Portugal. There were 178 km missing to the border!

Patrick went ahead to prepare a nice lunch while I had to take the 40 km ahead. The sun was very strong. We then had lunch and I followed the N620 while Patrick went through Salamanca to pay the hotel where supposedly should have slept the night before, but due to the incidents of the 11, it did not happen. I went on my way but Patrick made a mistake and entered the 630, he went 150 kms in the wrong direction. I fortunately had money with me so I was able to buy a fresh bottle of water on the way.

The hours at the sun were long and left marks, I got sun burns everywhere. Neither the sun cream could do much. When the sun was about to set and with 45 km to go, I had another flat tire. During 8 days I had to flat tires and just in this day I had 2. We changed the tire and then went well. When I was 22 kms away from Vilar Formoso, I took the wrong road and went 10 kms on the wrong direction. This situation took a lot of my time and this I had to cycle the last 22 km at night which made me mentally week and my knees were hurting a bit too. I do not like to ride at night!

We reached the border around 23 hours in Spain and Portugal in 22 hours. The first 2 minutes in Portugal were very emotional for me. In these 2 minutes everything crossed my mind, everything I have been through the last 8 days. At that time it was almost impossible to believe that I was living that moment! When I passed the border and saw this giant sign with PORTUGAL written on it.

Best of the Day:

Having crossed the border to the Portuguese side. It was a feeling I will never be able to explain.

Worst of the day:

Undoubtedly the holes I had.

Distance traveled: 251 km

Cumulative ascent: 500 meters

Time: 11:00 Hours

Average: 22.8 km / h