The last rest day before the most waited pedaling day started as every other rest day;early, because I could not sleep anymore.Little was after 8 when I went out of bed and began to do some things on the computer.I woke up Patrick at 9 and we then went for breakfast.After that we went to the room and I started writing diaries.Not much to tell this morning.

At 12:30 we had lunch nearby the very beautiful Cathedral of Guarda. I was tempted to eat our faithful friend (It is cod fish, we call it faithful friend in Portuguese) but I was able to resist and ate “porco à Alentejana” instead. I missed the times when I eat very well and pay little 🙂

After lunch, while it was very hot, we visited the Cathedral of Guarda.Very beautiful.

After that we went back to the hotel and waited until the arrival of a group of friends that came from Gafanha.Cótimos, André Santos, Ricardo and Putozão had come to us in order to do the last day of the journey with me.André had long decided where to eat, we were supposed to eat boar. Before dinner we all went to Decathlon to try to get Ricardo’s bike fixed as he had a problem with his gears.Then yes, we went to dinner at the restaurant where André Santos had suggested but this no longer was serving dinners. Then we went to the restaurant where I had lunch with Patrick and luckily they also served boar.We ate boar, many of us (or even all) for the first time and the general idea is that everyone liked it.We then returned to the hotel and got things ready for the next day. the next day was really important so we should give time to have everything ready.