Today was a day off! I slept until 9:30 because Diamond (Patrick’s dog) barked whenever anyone passed in the hallway. I started the day by solving some situations that had to to and then spoke to my mother. There was no time to lose, so me and my brother started a marathon of Playstation, for the reference, he is losing by 6 games to 0 in FIFA (I am strong! hehehe) After that we went into town and to have lunch. I can say without hesitation that I ate the worst burger ever – 14 euros thrown way! – actually not, Diamond liked it a lot. The meat was raw and the sauce was something not edible, very bad…

For the rest day, it was time to do a little summary of what happened so far and see what was working well and what was not. There are several things we have to improve and the first and most important is to start early every day to escape the traffic and avoid situations like the previous days. One of the objectives from now is to reach the hotel during daylight, to give us time to rest and start early the next day (and so on).

Regarding France, Patrick and I already have a more or less constructed opinion…


The roads are very good, the same as Swiss roads but slightly wider in some regions. Even in small villages, the roads are very well maintained, which makes my “job” easier.

I like the fact in zones there is a speed monitor telling us if we are above or below the speed limit.

France is a beautiful country full of mountains, vineyards, various plantations and many beautiful landscapes.


It’s amazing that in a country like France, only a small fraction of the population speaks English. I already knew of this situation but never thought it was so bad. I’m concerned to see young people with my age not speaking English at all, even in hotels.

When we arrived in Lyon, we had no option but to go to a take-away fast food. There, we waited long and so we were able to observe the French behavior. What I’ll say next is not an example of all the French, but it is nonetheless, true. The French make too much noise on the roads at 1 am, they refuse to speak English even if they appear to know the language. A few more things happened that I will not write here.

635 km traveled. Next stop: Brive la Gaillarde