After yesterday’s day off, it was time to head back to the road, fresh. This time we started just before 7 am. So we could escape the traffic and save a lot of time. The day began with the slope of the day. The slope was so long that it took me almost 2 hours to do. In the first hour I did a very satisfactory 13 km. After that, the day could be compared to a roller coaster: was always up and down, up and down. The total ascent was 1’750 meters but the descent was more.

Today was cold until the sun was up in the sky. The buff is quite helpful with the cold, especially on descents.

This was undoubtedly the best day so far. We started early and arrived very early as well. At 17:30 we were already at the hotel. It was also very good because it did not rain at all, which allowed me to gain speed and time. I also hit a record speed of this ride, is now set at 61.2 km/h.

Today I did not take many photos, I was only focused on leaving behind the previous days and do a lot better today.

As a curiosity today I randomly stopped in front of a house that appears to be of Portuguese people.

Diamond took the opportunity to make new friends

810 km are already covered.

Best of the Day:

I have several but I think no rain made my day. It was a tremendous help to get over the day.

Worst of the day:

I had severe pain in the feet near the end which made me stop and try something to change the situation. The knee showed some troubles but it seems that all is well.

Distance traveled: 177 km

Total ascent: 1’750 meters

Time: 7.5 Hours

Average speed: 23.6 km/h