The day started as it has been the past days: with rain. It started raining at 7:20, the time we left Brive-la-Gaillarde, continuing for over 3 hours.

After a few days doing less than 200 km per day, I went back to 205. Besides the rain, the morning was relatively quiet. Even under the rain I could make an average of 28 km/h. We lost some time during the morning due to the fact that some coordinates were wrong.

Around 12:30 I saw a small but beautiful village by the river. It was there that we had lunch.

The village was really interesting and so I went to see a little more and take some pictures. I saw the square which was called “Place de São Roque”.

I found it weird having a Portuguese name but did not care much to it, until I turn around and next to the French flag was the Portuguese one as well.

After lunch it rained, but little. It was always cloudy as you can see in the photo below.

At about 20 km from Bordeaux, the signs led me to a national road where I was extremely honked forcing me go off road. I was sure it was a national road, but as the city is so large, this access road to Bordeaux seemed to be a highway. I called Patrick and he was a few meters away from the hotel, this in the rush hour. My phone still had battery and so I continued with my GPS. In 10 minutes the GPS consumed 20% battery, I realized that it would be impossible to reach Bordeaux by myself. Poor Patrick had to come to me, in full rush hour. It was very stressful for him, but we did not have another solution. While waiting for him by this Church, I was taking some pictures.

After he found me, it was relatively easy. My right knee gave some signs of fatigue but I did not gave it much importance. Finally we entered the city and were amazed by that fantastic place! Patrick, while stopped in traffic, had the opportunity to take some pictures that I didn’t.

We arrived and went to our accommodation which was an apart/hotel that was basically a small house. With that, I had the opportunity to have beside my bed my faithful friend.

We were also fortunate to stay next to an Italian restaurant, where we ate a nice pizza which turned out to be the highlight of the day.

Best of the Day:

The beautiful pizza we ate. Well, the pizza was really excellent.

Worst of the day:

Rain and more rain. It just doesn’t stop raining!

Distance traveled: 205 km

Total ascent: 800 meters

Time: 8:30 Hours

Average speed: 24 km/h