I started my first day off by taking care of my knee, I felt nothing wrong but had to take care of the knee in these two days of rest. When the sun was rising, we peacefully went for breakfast near by our accommodation. If feels good to pay 3 euros and have a full breakfast (whoever lives or lived in Switzerland knows what I am talking about ☺ heheh).

As the night before I could not pay the accommodation (because they did not accept my credit card) they told me I would have to pay on the next day up to 11:00 am. After breakfast we were just looking for an ATM to withdraw money. We walked at least 5 km to find one. I was very surprised and negatively impressed as San Sebastian is a very touristic place.

After lunch, I took care of my knee by continuing the treatment and wrote the diaries too ☺ . Also took the opportunity to talk with family and finalize some details for the ride on Saturday.

Yesterday I was the chef, this is what came out of it. We are still alive so it was not that bad :p

The second day started a little earlier but equal to the previous day. While Patrick slept, I took Patrick’s dog for a walk and went for breakfast. During this tour I saw what appeared to be a homeless man sleeping on a bench. I had already seen him the night before and now he was there again. I wanted to leave money next to him but I did not because I do not like to give money, I prefer to give something that I know he will use properly. I thought I’d take him for lunch but when we went out to the street he was no longer there.

After lunch we went to the beach. It was great, I could not remember the last time I went to the beach on a sunny day. It was very good indeed, we enjoyed it a lot.

Regarding the homeless man, Patrick saw him again at night and gathered a bag of food to give him. He rejected saying he needs nothing. When someone does not want to be helped, it becomes difficult.

Regarding the knee, today I made a short run and did not feel any pain. I’m pretty confident that tomorrow will be better

So ends the day by watching Benfica winning the Super Cup! 😀

Tomorrow will be 220 km between San Sebastian and Burgos. Finally I will start heading south. I expect heat and no rain.

We will start at 6 am to escape traffic and to be able to ride at a slower pace in order to protect my knee.