I have to pleasure to present Dejan SEO as one of our sponsors. Dejan is indeed the sponsor more far way from us, several thousands of kms apart from us actually. However, that was no hurdle not to support this cause. I came to the idea of Dejan being a sponsor after I talked to Dan Petrovic who showed very commitment to this cause and full support. I present you Dejan SEO:

Dejan SEO

Dejan SEO delivers long-term digital marketing strategies to increase brand recognition, build website authority and boost online presence.

Dejan’s Reputation

Since 2001, Dejan SEO have maintained a reputation for staying ahead of the latest industry research and development. Dejan’s strategists hold regular forums with other SEO consultants and receive invitations to speak at marketing conventions all around the world.

Your Success

Dejan SEO has all the in-house tools and business intelligence to create successful campaigns with strong Return-On-Investment. Their integrated approach and unique skillset means they can offer services such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, creative content creation, multimedia and web design.

Dejan SEO offices are based in locations around Europe and Australia. They also take on local businesses and corporate clients from a range of industries. Besides this, Dejan has an incredible team led by a very smart and supportive leader, being him Dan Petrovic. Be sure to check them out if you need any further information about Dejan.