Switzerland-Portugal by bicycle to raise funds for charity

On the 2nd of August I will start my 2’000 kms bicycle journey starting in Luzern (heart of Switzerland) and finishing on the 15th of August in my home town (Gafanha da Nazaré – Portugal, one of the Westernmost points of Europe). The main reason I am doing this is because I want to raise funds for two charity institutions in Portugal. You can find more about these organizations here.

Why did I decide to do this?

You might know that during the last few years Portugal has been under the IMF (International Monetary Fund) management as we were pretty much bankrupt. Since then, the IMF (also known as troika) and the Portuguese Government, started to apply severe austerity measures, leaving most of Portuguese people living with little. Unemployment rates sky rocked to historical highs, the 13th month was taken away from most active workers and many other measures led to cases of extreme poverty. It was heartbreaking for me seeing what was happening in the country I love and not being able to do much to help. I decided I needed to do something, as little as it may be, I decided to engage on the biggest adventure of my live (so far) and ride all the way from the place I live now and love (Switzerland) to the country that saw me growing (Portugal) in order to raise funds for the ones who need the most.

Since I decided to do this, a year ago, I started training and haven’t stopped ever since. I am totally ready for this challenge! However, I felt that simply cycling wasn´t enough and so I put my entrepreneurial head thinking. I found out I could do much more than simply cycling ,therefore, on the 16th of August, in my local town, me together with a local none profit organization, will organize a bike tour to gather more funds for the charity causes. The event will be a bike tour with 400 people and will have a length of 18 kms. Each participant will pay a fee of 5 euros and in return they will receive a jersey allusive to the event, a personalized batch (with name and number), insurance and waters during the tour. The FULL amount of the fee will go directly to the causes. We were only able to do this thanks to the awesome sponsors that were willing to support this cause. The t-shirts being offered are kindly sponsored by K-sales GmbH and also the cycling jerseys I will be using during the trip. Worldsites as the main sponsor has also played a key role in making all of this possible.

Charities being helped

As austerity brought a lot of cuts in the budget, charity organizations suffered the most with Portuguese political and economic situation, even more the private ones that receive little government support and only survive solely on donations, however, these institutions play a major role in local communities. It was my first goal to help children and specially orphans; the first institution we will all together help is called “A obra do Frei Gil”, an institution I know well (I remember going there when I was a child and at that moment I realized how lucky I was). On the other hand, the other institution being helped is called CERCIAV and it is an institution focusing in helping handicapped people in their day life struggles. Their main goal is to integrate them as much as possible in society and provide them with a worthy life. Much more information on the organization in this page.

I hope you identify yourself with this cause as much as I do. I would be very thankful if you could do a donation 🙂 please do so here.

We might not be able to change whole world at once, but together, we can change the world of the people living in these two organizations.

Much appreciated :)