It is with a deep breath that I start writing this last text. This text will end up with a project that began 13 months ago that contained a lot of joy, effort, dedication, love, solidarity, adversity and many other feelings that are going through my head right now and certainly yours too.

It started with the simple idea of ​​wanting to help those in need, with the idea that with the support of many people we could do something important and thanks to you it was possible. From the moment I decided it was definitely what I wanted, my focus turned 100% for this project. There were hundreds of hours I have dedicated to the project, nights I slept little because I was working on the project (as were the nights I my friend Emanuel talked on skype regarding the jerseys I would use). There were also long and demanding days of fitness training that I went through to be fit for the trip. In total, about 370 hours I spent on the bike last year and were about 300’000 thousand kilo calories burned throughout the process. There were demanding times where the only thing I had in mind was this project.

Screenshot 2014-03-24 20.59.05

Working on the jerseys with my friend Emanuel

I started the project on several fronts but the most important was undoubtedly the physical part. In the first three months my focus was on cardio programs (to safely get the body used to exercise again) but at the same time I could not forget the rest. For this, I had the precious help of my friend and National Triathlon Champion in Long distance – Bruno Pereira, who gave me great tips to do my physical preparation in the best way.

2014-02-23 18.35.20

my first 100 kms

But at the same time I was also beginning to take the first steps in the logistics part. Throughout these 12 months, I sent out more than 1’500 emails to my entire network of contacts, companies and friends in order to try to find sponsors for this project. Fortunately I was lucky to find many sponsors who kindly joined this cause coming from different corners of the world such as Dejan SEO as an Australian company. There were demanding times but also very rewarding.


This is where I did most of my preparation

Few months before the trip I still did not have anyone to come with me with a support car, until my brother Patrick volunteered to do it. This relieved me greatly since I was already under pressure not to make the trip alone. This way we were able to organize the trip with some time.

I finally went on the road and as you had the chance to read in the diaries, I had many difficulties but I fortunately arrived save. There were things I would do differently, but that’s part of the learning process. Overall, I think everything went well and I am extremely happy to have arrived in good health at my destination.

With all donations and sponsorships, we join a fantastic amount of 7’456 euros that were distributed by Obra do Frei Gil and also by CERCIAV. As you know, we gathered 3760 Euros with the fundraising campaign but you might not know that we organized an event in Portugal the day after I arrived. With the fundraising campaign, sponsorships and the event, we were able to reach this amount. 2’078 went to CERCIAV (around 28%) the rest, 5378 went to Obra do Frei Gil I decided to do this way because CERCIAV is partially financed by the state and Obra do Frei Gil needs solely survives on donations. Here are some photos from when we gave the donations.


Obra do Frei Gil




Here is a video I did to show you all what is Obra do Frei Gil about. I did not do one in CERCIAV because they were closed in August.

Here are the pictures of the checks as a prove.





So this way I end this adventure, this life lesson and the opportunity to do good to the ones in need.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who directly or indirectly took part on this project; thanks to you all we achieve a great amount.

A very special thanks to Worldsites GmbH which was the main sponsor of this whole story.

I would also like to thank the other sponsors for their great support:

  • K-sales GmbH
  • Dejan SEO
  • Invatrans GmbH
  • Alemania Deutschschule
  • Pabol
  • Pente and Arte
  • US 11
  • Filipe Bola Photography
  • Stefan Mayer

I would also like to thank everyone who made a donation in the Go Fund Me campaign:

  • Emanuel Lopes
  • Beat Z’graggen
  • Greta Musu
  • Apichaya Khomson
  • Lance Chou
  • Natalia Hyrlik
  • Ellen Tartaglia
  • Dora Rio
  • Oscar Costa
  • Samuel Wenk
  • Hanif Alias
  • Fredy Burch
  • Charline Wong
  • Matthias Pfeiffer
  • Yes Desmond
  • Jonas & Sandra
  • Yanasunee Lengpiboon
  • Yanasunee’s Family
  • Kristi Hines
  • Dan Sharp
  • Screaming Frog
  • Alexander Auer
  • Christoph Kübler
  • Diana Pinto
  • João Pedro Ramos
  • Albino Vareta
  • Guilherme Cardoso
  • Jürg Schmutz
  • K-webs Team
  • Natalie Albrecht
  • David Huber
  • Gubelin Friend
  • Family Marieschi
  • Pär Lundgren
  • Bryen Li
  • Alemania Family
  • Kavanjit Hayre
  • Vitor Gouveia
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Lukas Ritzel
  • Felix Steinebrunner
  • Beate Gabor
  • Antonio Rua
  • Paulina Matos
  • Filipe Martins
  • Daniel Teixeira
  • Sattawat Surapatcharakul
  • Thomas Towarnicki
  • Gavin Caldwell
  • Grandmother
  • David Wilson
  • Ron Tan
  • Patrick Nunes Rod
  • Ievgen Zhuravel
  • And all the anonymous


To end up this story, here is a video of my arrival. Your name is at the end of the video too.

Finally, I would like to thank my brother, Patrick Nunes Vareta, for his enormous personal and professional effort made ​​to make the trip with me. To him a very sincere thank you.


my dear brother Patrick and me in Lucerne

Thus ends this beautiful story. Thank you for everything.

A big hug from your friend,

Daniel Vareta

Everything seems impossible until it’s done.